Why build a BONE Structure Home with Konsept?

The benefits of the BONE Structure System are apparent in every detail.

The BONE Structure steel components are manufactured with the same technology used to produce parts for the aircraft and automobile industry. This precision approach is suited to almost any design and delivers high performance buildings that are made to last.  

These homes are healthy, comfortable and energy efficient.

Features such as superior insulation produce an air-tight, mold-free building envelope. The result is excellent indoor air quality and thermal comfort, with reduced energy cost.

BONE Structure allows the architectural freedom to build up to 25 foot clear spans. This is achieved without the need for intermediate columns or interior load-bearing walls. It is possible to create strong indoor - outdoor living environment connections, flooded with natural light by the uninterrupted rooms with large window openings.

Steel is strong, non-porous, and non-organic. It will not rot or promote mold growth.  You can be assured that its frame is so solid that it will continue to perform for generations to come. The galvanized steel used in a BONE home forms a structure so solid that it can withstand the most extreme climactic conditions and provide stability in high winds and earthquakes.

Not only is the BONE Structure system made of recycled steel, but unlike wood or concrete, it is so precise that there is nothing left over when the job is done. To top that off, its hermetically sealed thermal envelope drastically reduces energy consumption year-round.

Please visit the BONE Structure Site to see why this product is INCOMPARABLE.

Konsept Assembling a BONE Structure Home in Niagara-on-the-Lake

Konsept Assembling a BONE Structure Home in Niagara-on-the-Lake