Konsept specializes in Custom Luxury Homes.

Our custom built projects have ranged from 1100 square foot retirement style bungalows to 22,000 square foot family retreats. We can design and build to suit your family's needs. Our project sites have encompassed urban infill property, rural vineyards and lakeside living.



Our projects have included: Geothermal heating and cooling systems. Fully sprinklered residential potable water systems. BIONEST – enhanced septic system. E-­One sewage ejection pumps. Three Phase residential electrical supply and distribution. On demand boilers. UV Sterilization and Water Purification. Reverse Osmosis and Water softening. Indoor swimming pools and spas. Outdoor Showers. Gazebos. Whole home lighting control. Smart Home Technology including sound, security, surveillance and access. An outdoor refrigerated ice rink, complete with dasher boards.

We have installed backup generators capable of powering either a few essential circuits or running the entire home without change during a power interruption.

We have built reflection ponds, water features, pergolas, formal rose gardens, decks, outbuildings and woodland retreats. Included in our water feature projects are a 15 000 gallon per hour waterfall, built to blend into the landscape, cascading into a water-­filled abandoned stone quarry.

Site Naturalization

We have worked with landscape architects to naturalize, develop and enhance site features. Our collaborative work reinforced existing Carolinian forest and planted supportive vegetation to attract, feed, and house bird wildlife. We also constructed butterfly shelters and planted sections of wild flower fields.